Juvenile Crimes, Cybercrimes, Hate Crimes, Wrongful Death, Obstruction of Justice

At Bruck & Tischler Attorneys at Law we have successfully defended clients in all types of state and federal criminal cases across the State of Florida. We have 30 years of combined experience representing the accused for every type of crime including:


* Juvenile Crimes

* Cybercrimes

* Disorderly conduct / Disorderly intoxication

* Driving with a suspended sentence

* Elder Abuse

* A criminal appeal

* Criminal mischief

* Extradition

* Fleeing and eluding

* Forfeitures

* Hate crimes

* Obstruction of justice

* Reckless driving

* Resisting arrest

* Violating a restraining order

* Wrongful death

* Medical malpractice

DO NOT discuss your case with the authorities. Contact us now for a FREE consultation.


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