Possessing, Trafficking, Selling, Manufacturing, Cultivating

 Bruck & Tischler Attorneys at Law can represent you or someone you know who has recently been arrested or charged with a drug crime or narcotics offense. Yehuda and Dustin both formerly served as Miami-Dade County prosecutors. While employed as a prosecutor, Yehuda worked closely with Miami-Dade County narcotics detectives in the Narcotics Bureau where he oversaw hundreds of state drug and narcotic cases. At Bruck & Tischler we have successfully handled all types of state and federal drug and narcotic cases. These cases have included, but are not limited to:


* Simple possession of drugs

* Narcotics trafficking

* Sale of drugs (including a sale within 1,000 feet of a church and/or school)

* Manufacturing, growing and/or cultivating drugs

* Distributing, transporting and/or importing drugs

* Possessing drugs with the intent to distribute

* Being found under the influence of drugs

* Illegally possessing a prescription drugs


Penalties imposed for a drug conviction vary widely depending on the exact nature of the criminal offense, the offender’s past criminal history, and the type and quantity of drugs involved. Drug conviction can have serious ramifications. Ramifications may include the seizure of your personal assets under state and federal property forfeiture laws and lengthy imprisonment. 


To ensure that your constitutional rights are protected throughout the entire legal process, it is prudent to retain an attorney to help you navigate the process. We will thoroughly investigate your case and endeavor to obtain the best possible outcome. 


Contact us now so we can offer you FREE consultation and discuss defending the charges brought against you.


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