Bruck & Tischler Attorneys at Law has successfully defended clients in all types of state and federal criminal cases throughout the State of Florida. Here are a few examples.


State of Florida v. D.S*

After being stopped for a traffic violation late at night in Broward County, our client was asked to take a breath alcohol test. Our client refused the test and was subsequently arrested for DUI. At trial, the State presented the dash cam video that showed the DUI tests administered by the police and it showed the officer finding a large bag of marijuana in the vehicle. During the cross-examination of the police officer we challenged the officer conclusion that our client was under the influence.

Our client was found not guilty of all charges following a three-day trial.


State of Florida v. T.M*

A City of Miami law enforcement officer signaled for a motor vehicle operator to stop after allegedly committing a traffic violation. This individual purportedly refused to pull over and eventually escaped authorities following a high-speed chase.  Our client was ultimately arrested and charged with fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer, a felony offense. Facing many years in prison, the state offered our client a plea bargain of 21 months in prison.

Our client rejected  the offer and retained our services. We investigated the case and argued to the jury that our client was the victim of misidentification. Our client was found not guilty at trial and was immediately released from jail.  


State of Florida v. T.K*

Undercover  narcotics officers allegedly observed multiple drug sales at the residence of a local individual. Following intensive surveillance efforts, this individual was stopped while driving and his vehicle was subjected to a warrantless search. The search yeilded trafficking quantities of cocaine, oxycodone pills and marijuana. Due to the amount and variety of controlled dangerous substances (CDs) seized and the arrestee’s prior criminal record, this individual was facing an 80-year prison sentence.

The defendant rejected prosecutors’ plea of a 15-year sentence and then requested that we replace the firm that had been working his case. After accepting the case and reviewing the arresting officers’ reports and sworn statements, we aggressively attacked the legality of the automobile search. We filed a Motion to Suppress and passionately argued on behalf of our client over the course of several days.

The judge ultimately ruled that the officers conducted an illegal search and, therefore, all evidence was not admissible at trial. Following a failed attempt by prosecutors to appeal the judge’s ruling, all of the charges brought against our client were dismissed and he was released from custody.


State of Florida v. P.B*

Police officers approached our client on suspicion that he was selling marijuana. Our client was also accused of using physical violence in an attempt to evade arrest and flee the scene. An officer was injured during the incident and our client was detained on charges of resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. 

We devised a solid defense, created an effective PowerPoint presentation, and spoke at length about our client’s clean background and ambitious future goals. After intense negotiations with prosecutors, we secured a diversion program that resulted in the dismissal of all charges filed against our client. We subsequently filed an expungement that was granted and there is no record that this incident occurred.


United States v. E.L*

Our client was boating off the coast of Fort Lauderdale with another U.S. citizen and two illegal immigrants from Jamaica. During their outing, their boat was stopped by the United States Coast Guard. Officials boarded the boat and found a firearm, large amounts of cash and phone records indicating that our client had been communicating with co-conspirators in Jamaica and Bimini.


Facing federal charges of alien smuggling and conspiracy to commit alien smuggling, our client refused the government's offer of a lengthy prison sentence and opted for trial. We quickly exhibited records from a Global Positioning System (GPS) that proved our client had recently visited Bimini. Following a contentious, week-long trial, the defendant was acquitted of all charges and immediately released from custody.



* To protect our clients’ confidentiality, names, locations and other specific details pertaining to the above cases won’t be provided.

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