Federal, State, Felony, Misdemeanor Criminal Defense


Family Matters


Bruck & Tischler Attorneys at Law has successfully defended clients in all types of state and federal criminal cases throughout the State of Florida. Our zealous advocacy stems from years of previous experience working as prosecutors, a thorough understanding of the law, and unrivaled preparation for each case. We provide representation at the investigative, grand jury, trial, plea, post-conviction and appellate levels to individuals facing criminal charges and strive to get our clients the best possible outcomes.


To ensure that you receive ample time and personal attention, we provide you with our cellular phone numbers and are available around the clock. We care about the people we represent, understand the stress that a person charged with a crime experiences, and will guide you through the entire legal process.


Whether you have been accused of a petty offense or a serious crime, Bruck & Tischler will strive to provide superior and personalized criminal defense representation.


At Bruck & Tischler, we provide you with the  tools and advice to cope with the life changes that divorce and other family matters bring about, and harness years of experience to help you achieve a desirable result without drama and wasteful litigation.    

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