Traffic Accidents, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Driving with a Suspended License, Toll Violations, Speeding

At Bruck & Tischler we have years of experience handling every type of traffic issue that can arise. Whether you were charged with speeding, a SunPass toll violation, causing an accident, driving with a suspended license, or leaving the scene of an accident, we can help! Even if your license has been suspended for five years due to being a habitual traffic offender, we can still help!


The worst thing that someone in your position can do is simply ignore a ticket. This can lead to a driver’s license suspension, much higher court penalties, and even a warrant being issued for your arrest. Somewhat ironically, paying your citation may also be the wrong choice because you can receive points on your driving record that will result in much higher insurance premiums. We understand that you are probably worried about your case and may need advice on what to do next. Just give us a call and we will speak with you right away. Our consultation is FREE.


In fact, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the lawyer who would handle your case. Both of our firm’s partners are former Miami-Dade County prosecutors who understand criminal law and know how the system really works.

If you have been stopped for any non-moving traffic violation, our prices start at $49.00 (not including court costs, if any apply)! We will match any lower price that you can find! On most non-criminal tickets, we guarantee NO POINTS and NO DRIVING SCHOOL or your money will be refunded (you will still be responsible for court costs, if any apply). You don't need to visit our office if your schedule prevents you from doing so. You can hire us over the phone within a matter of minutes. Our primary goal in every case is to get a dismissal.

Call us at 305-374-4600 or contact us online. We are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We look forward to helping you. 


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