At Bruck & Tischler we have expertly handled hundreds of cases involving all types of violent criminal offenses at both the state and federal level including the following:


* Assault

* Aggravated assault

* Assault with a deadly weapon

* Assault with the intent of committing a felony

* Battery

* Aggravated battery

* Battery with a deadly weapon

* Battery causing great bodily harm

* Assault or battery against a police officer

* Kidnapping

* Manslaughter

* Cruelty to animals

* Murder (first and second degree)

* Armed robbery

* Carjacking

* Arson


Penalties for being found guilty of committing a violent crime range from probation to life in prison. The penalty in a any given case depends on many factors including your particular charge, the specific details of your case, and your criminal history if any. Many violent crimes are felony offenses that require federal agencies to become involved. First-degree murder is the only violent crime that qualifies for the death penalty in Florida. However, other violent crimes carry severe penalties including life sentences in prison.


If you have been arrested or charged with committing a violent crime, it is vital that you exercise your Miranda rights, remain silent, and invoke your right to an attorney. To protect your constitutional rights throughout the entire criminal process, you should retain a lawyer who will competently, aggressively and vigorously defend your rights. Yehuda and Dustin are veteran litigators who will dedicate themselves to your case and work tirelessly to secure a favorable outcome.

DO NOT discuss your case  with police. Contact us now and we will offer FREE consultation. 

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